Eat My Dust!...Rust DusT

Tailgate Seasoning & Rub.

the beginning...

We started humbly but with a great plan: To create the finest burger this area has ever tasted, end of story.


Our secret? It's not just one, admittedly. The freshest ingredients is huge big part. An unrelenting love for food is another big part.  But love of people and desire to give them a quality product at an affordable price is what kept us going!


We're not making these delicious, one-of-a-kind burger creations anymore to share with our human species brethren.  But we continue to use this passion while tailgating at every Eagles home game tailgate. 


Tailgate Seasoninge.

Rust Duste.

What's Rust Dust?

Rust Dust Tailgate Seasoning & Rub was the inspiration for many of the recipes at The Rusty Shack while we were open. A special blend of over a dozen spices that uniquely complement each other and just about everything you put it on.  Come back soon to see some great tailgate recipes and post your own for others to try!


Eat My Dust!